Objections: Doubts or Excuses?

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Objections: Doubts or Excuses?



Facing objections from a client is part of the sales process that salespeople face daily. Experience and training help you to respond to a number of objections, which obviously are always limited when they are doubts and not excuses.

I believe it is important to differentiate between the two types of objections: doubts and excuses.

Doubts are reasonable objections that the customer may have for various reasons such as the price, insecurity in the provider, lack of excitement with the business, lack of some characteristic of the product that they consider necessary… All of these objections and many others that may arise in the process of sales are limited and can receive a different response.

The difference between doubts and excuses is that in the latter the client has no interest in the product or service. In these circumstances there are two possibilities; try to generate an interest in the potential customer, but not fail in the attempt, or directly put an end to the presentation in professional manner and not lose the time.

Time is of utmost value in our society where everything goes fast so do not lose it.

Susana Sánchez

Consultora formación



Tuesday November 24th, 2015 at 12:24 am

Me gustaría preguntarles: para vender, ¿qué debería hacer cuando un cliente me dice que se lo tiene que pensar?


Tuesday November 24th, 2015 at 12:25 am

Mi encargada nos dio una tabla de respuestas buenas para las objeciones que nos ponen los clientes. Me dijo que lo vio en vuestro curso. La verdad es que nos está sirviendo de mucho.


Tuesday November 24th, 2015 at 12:26 am

Me gustaría saber más sobre este tema porque es lo que peor se me da de la venta. Si escribís más, con mucho gusto os leeré.

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