About us

The Center for High Commercial Performance, Centro ARCO, was created to boost our students’ business and customer service skills. To do so, an Online Course in Sales Techniques has been developed with specific techniques and strategies.

What sets us apart from other online sales courses?

Unlike other online courses, all of the modules in ARCO’s sales techniques course can truly be applied to real situations. The content selected has been meticulously created by experts to provide a completely practical approach. We have avoided the theoretical approaches used by other courses so as to focus on learning to ensure results are achieved. Each of the teaching units contains subjects that can be applied in the workplace as of the very day when you study them. Our experience shows that applying these techniques improves customer satisfaction a great deal, and increases revenue for your business. Furthermore, we have included training videos and exercises in the course to better understand the techniques we teach you, and keep you motivated throughout the whole course.

Does the ARCO Center have a quality certificate?

Centro ARCO’s training is backed by the European Institute of Teacher Training’s professional seal of trustworthiness, based on high quality e-learning guidelines. (Instituto Europeo de Formación de Formadores)

In addition, there are many companies and students who have unreservedly shared their opinions about the ARCO course on sales techniques.

How I can start the course?

You can start the course immediately after signing up here.

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