Check the valuations of students who have already completed the course and leave your opinion.

“It’s a useful course. I recommend it because it made me enjoyable and I have learned many things. The most interesting thing for me, the part of the closures ”

 Antonio San Martin
Seller’s retail industry
Málaga – Spain

“We’ve done the online course my 4 partners. We highlight an orderly structure and a nearby language. ”

Manuel Becerra
Real Estate Manager
Lugo – Spain

“Pros: I’ve begun to notice that work techniques describing the course. Cons: I would to last 6 months or more. ”

Beatriz Silva
independent lawyer
Bocas del Toro – Panama

“I emphasize especially learning how to delve into the client. I always did before saying would you I can help you? And the client almost always answered me: No, I’m just looking. Here I have learned more effective ways. ”

Sofia Rizzo
Saleswoman of clothing and accessories
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The part of conflict resolution not only applies to my job. It has also been very good for personal life. ”

Teresa Valiente
Cali, Colombia

“I did it during my vacation and I was not heavy. Quite the opposite. I learned a lot of nonverbal communication that is a subject that has always liked. ”

Geovanny Agublanca
Driving school manager
Madrid Spain

“I had heard of a fellow course because the company did. The attention of guardians and all staff of the training center is very good. ”

Thomas Fuster
Bank clerk
Valencia Spain

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