Course in Sales Techniques

General Objective

  • Improve the communication with the client to facilitate an increase in sales

Specific Objectives

  • Learn how to adapt the sale to the type of client
  • Improve the encounter and contact with the customer
  • Promote questions of needs, prior to the discussion of sale
  • Develop an argument tailored to the responses of the customer
  • Improve the handling of doubts and oppositions
  • Promote and enhance the closing of sales
  • Learn about elements that promote customer loyalty


You can start the course at any time, just after paying for tuition. The course is 100% online, through our private platform, which you will have access to with a username and password, once the registration is completed.

The course is based on readings, exercises and videos, which instruct the contents of the course.

Tutors: Throughout the development of the course you will have a support tutor that will resolve your doubts.

Exam: At the end of the course, you will have and exam consisting of 10 online questions, 5 of which they must be answered correctly.

Certificate: Passing the examination of the course of sales techniques provides you the certificate of the Center for high performance commercial, Centro Arco.


100 hours


  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. The preparation of persuading the customer.
    • 2.1 Auto analysis of your persuasion skills.
    • 2.2 Sources of influence on sales.
    • 2.3 Types of customers. What are they like? How do you persuade them?
  • Chapter 3. The sales conversation
    • 3.1 Non-verbal language in persuasion applied to sales.
    • 3.2 Questions to identify the needs of your customer.
    • 3.3 The presentation of the product: do we talk about less meaningful technical characteristics?
    • 3.4 The power of suggestion in sales.
  • Chapter 4. Handling Objections
    • 4.1 What are the objections?
    • 4.2 Starting points for handling objections..
    • 4.3 Guidelines for Responding to an objection..
    • 4.4 The most frequent objections and their appropriate responses.
  • Chapter 5. Close sales
    • 5.1 Who has to close the sale.?
    • 5.2 When do you close the sale?
    • 5.4 The cross-selling.
    • 5.5 The power of words.
  • Chapter 6. Customer loyalty
    • 6.1 The importance of loyalty in a customer relationship.
    • 6.2 How to make your customers think of you, and call you..
    • 6.3 Types of customers, according to their faithfulness.
    • 6.4 Factors that determine loyalty.
    • 6.5 Ways to increase the memory of your business’s footprint.
  • Chapter 7 resolution of complaints, disputes and claims
    • 7.1 When is the customer right?
    • 7.2 Communication skills before a conflict
    • 7.3 Emotional self-control.


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