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(Español) Ideas para vender más

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(Español) Los 3 secretos de la venta consultiva

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Amar vender a los clientes

The importance of the emotion you express.

A fundamental element to increase sales is given by the personal influence that you are capable of generating on your clients. If you are an influential person, you will sell more. Thus is clear. The good news is that you learn to be influential. There are different aspects of you that contribute to generating a

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The Day a Stapler Was More Important Than Me

I walked through the door of that bank. That morning there was barely any customers. I was glad because this meant I was going to take some time to look at some gifts for Christmas. I knew that Christmas was still a few weeks away, but I put off buying gifts earlier and was now

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Objections: Doubts or Excuses?

     Facing objections from a client is part of the sales process that salespeople face daily. Experience and training help you to respond to a number of objections, which obviously are always limited when they are doubts and not excuses. I believe it is important to differentiate between the two types of objections: doubts

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Treat Your Client the Way You Would Like to Be Treated

  I am lucky to work in a productive environment. So many clients, colleagues, collaborators, we are all constantly exposed to information and creating a suitable environment for personal and professional development. Yesterday was an intense day or work, but very rewarding in that when the staff talked about the definition of an optimal customer

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